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Why you should join us

Just because you don't have a budget in the thousands for tech, does not mean that you shouldn't have an online presence outside of social media. If your SEO sucks, your facebook ads are flopping and your google's not great, then we're here to help.

You'll learn using the very best tools that Mighty Networks has to offer, including live video teaching, resources, online assessments and Q&A threads.

You'll get full access to all of our resources, including retired units and bonus classes with guest speakers. In addition, Lesley and I are so accessible - you'll even get our behind the scenes videos and notes showing how we have gone from an idea in a pub to working on the most exciting project of our careers, building a whole community of superfans and extending our online presence whilst working the 9-5.

There's no minimum commitment to being with us; come in and start learning with us at your own pace. BUT, this isn't a set-it and forget-it type of place. Accountability is key!

About Us

Lesley and I teach business owners and individuals how to use technology to enhance and grow your business online. We take the scary stuff, break it down and give tutorials, information and support.

We aim to create a buzzing community of motivated people to cheer each other along, learn together and be able to help each other out.